Connecticut Archery Association

Shoot Fees and Class Information:


2019 CAA Shoot Fees:


2019 CAA State Championships


(CAA Indoor Open, NFAA indoor, CAA Outdoor open, NFAA Field and CAA State 3D)


Adults (18 and over) - $30

Junior (under 18) - $15


3-D Shoots


Adults (18 and over) - $15 (discount applies for CAA Members)

Junior (Under 18) - Determined by clubs


Target/Paper Shoots

Adults (18 and over) - $10

Junior (Under 18) - Determined by clubs



2019 CAA Shoot Classes



Unlimited (moveable sight, release) Blue
Bowhunter Fixed Pins Release Red
Compound Fingers Red
Barebow (compound) Red
Traditional Yellow
Youth (ages 12-15) Yellow
Cub (under 12) White

2019 CAA Shooter of the Year Awards

The CAA will be presenting 4 Shooter of the Year Awards in 2019.
Awards will be presented for the following 4 categories:
           Male Senior (includes silver and master senior)
           Junior  (Under 18)
 To qualify, archers must compete in the following:
          1 Indoor Championship (CAA Indoor Open or NFAA Indoor Championship)
          1 Outdoor Championship (CAA Outdoor Open or NFAA Outdoor Championship)
          1 CAA 3D Championship (CAA Marked 3D or CAA Unmarked 3D Championship)

Please note that archers must be a valid CAA member at the time of each shoot and compete in the same category for all 3 qualifying events.

Archers will earn points in each tournament above based upon the archers place and the number of competitors in their division for that shoot. Points wil be determined by dividing the number of competitors (within an archer's division for that shoot) by the archers place (within their division for that shoot). Points will be added at the end of the year to determine the CAA Shooter of the year for each of the 4 categories.