2004 CAA 3-D Championship Results

Held: August 22, 2004

Hosted by: 

Fairfield County Fish and Game Protective Association

Newtown, CT





Cub Female Traditional Corie Marshall 188 Champion
Cub Male Traditional Jake Camp 188 Champion
  Steven Apagr 134 2nd
  Derek Middendorf 98 3rd
Cub Male Steven Wyman 294 Champion
Youth Female Jessica Redding 210 Champion
Youth Male Chris Eilertsen 302 Champion
  Steve Eilertsen 228 2nd
  Willaim Curnan 277 3rd
Adult Female Traditional Debbie Metzger 219 Champion
Adult Male Traditional Randy Bugnacki 273 Champion
  Mike Metzger 271 2nd
  Todd Proudy 266 3rd
  James Leffler 246  
  James Leffler 246  
  Bob White 233  
  Rich Mayhew 232  
  Kevin Bennett 205  
  Ivan Ivanoff 195  
  John McGrath 173  
  James Stoops 151  
Adult Male BHFPF George Massey 255 Champion
  Ken Drace INC  
  Bob Kerrek INC  
  Bill Schofield INC  


Adult Female BHFPR Laurie Marshall 226 Champion
Adult Male Unlimited Jay LaPlaca 348 Champion
  Joe Ferrigno 334 2nd
  Alain Rossignol 324 3rd
  Dave Wilkinson 320  
  Carrol Forbes 319  
  Jeffery Fell 301  
  Ray Camp 298  
  Mark Mitchell 294  
  Casey Gallagher 291  
  Ralph Bershefsky 242  
Adult Male BHFPR Bill Romanchick 363 Champion
  Mickey Wyman 354 2nd
  Randy Toffs 339 3rd
  Gary Corris 335  
  Chris Marshall 328  
  Kevin Palmer 327  
  Steve Kmiej 315  
  Kevin Langevin 313  
  Charlie Pond 308  
  Chuck Uszakirwicz 308  
  Randy Sansone 307  
  Al Coppola 305  
  Dante Danesi 303  
  Keith Strychalsky 302  
  David Lampron 299  
  Paul Hubina 297  
  James Perazzella 294  
  Jack Murphy 294  
  Jim Forsyth 294  
  Anthony Ganio 293  
  Bob Whelan 292  
  Pat McGrath 292  
  Joe Cote 291  
  Bill Docchio 291  
  Stephen Hatfield 287  
  Larry Flynn 285  
  Dave Kudej 285  
  Tony Colucci 274  
  George Bently 271  
  William Strempski 257  
  Ken Locke 254  
  Colvett Day 254  
  Gary S. 250  
  Jim Blakeman 247  
  Dennis Veilleux 247  
  Dominick Moriello 243  
  John Massari 241  

* Indicates a tie score. Ties were broken by scores on cards. The archer with the most 10's on the first half determined the winner. 

35 targets with 12 ring scoring. Maximum score is 420 points.

We congratulate the new 3-D Champions on a job well done. We would also like to thank all of the archers for attending this championship and making this years 3-D Championship a success. 

We would like to thank Fairfield County Fish and Game Protective Association for hosting this Archery tournament. 

See you next year!


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