Connecticut Archery Association

The CAA is affiliated with the National and International Field Archery Associations. But, what exactly is field archery?

It is, in my opinion, the most fun and challenging archery round there is. In field archery, we get OUTDOORS and rove from target to target, shooting several arrows, at a variety of distances. It is a great way to enjoy archery, while also getting fresh air and exercise.

Courses are uniform in the number and distance of targets, and can be found in a variety of unique natural settings. Archers hike through the woods/mountains/desert/countryside, and shoot along the way.  On the course, archers must contend with a number of challenges, including shooting up and down hills, difficult footing, wind, weather and constantly changing lighting conditions.


Distances range from 35 feet, to 80 yards. But, outside of formal competition, archers may shoot from whatever distance they feel most comfortable.

The CAA has 4 member clubs with field archery courses; Algonquin, Pootatuck, Cos Cob, and Black Knights (Stewards of the Nye Holeman State Archery Range)

Check back here, on the CAA website, for course photos and reviews of CAA field courses (coming in late fall 2020), and 2021 field archery event dates, including tournaments, and "try field archery" days!

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